“I have interacted with all sorts of people from many different backgrounds with an opposite lifestyle to mine.
I am who I am thanks to the people I have met.”

Cynthia Bolingo

Sport brings people together. On the field and elsewhere. Scoring or cheering together, winning and losing. We are the same and become the same.

We often distinguish on the basis of gender, race, skin colour, religion, sexual orientation,… these ideas weaken us.

Through Bolingo Embracing Diversity, Golazo wants to celebrate and embrace diversity in the world. Bolingo in Lingala means love. With Cynthia Bolingo as ambassador, we want to honour love for each other and love for the unknown.

Bolingo Embracing Diversity is a movement. It is not a charity but part of each and every one of us.

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Bolingo Embracing Diversity